EXCELS Experiential Collaboration & Education in the Life Sciences

"The quality of University of Maryland interns is excellent. I’m really impressed.”
—FDA microbiologist Brian Shawn Eblen, who has employed College of Life Sciences interns for 3 years


The College of Life Sciences at the University of Maryland is committed to educating the next generation of chemists and bioscientists. Our students are bright, motivated and eager to gain practical experience.

Through the EXCELS (Experiential Collaboration & Education in the Life Sciences) internship program, the College partners with local bioscience and biotechnology companies, nonprofit organizations and federal research laboratories to offer real-world training for undergraduate students. In turn, EXCELS partners receive valuable technical support from capable individuals who bring a new perspective to the organization.

Interns from the College of Life Sciences can benefit your organization by:

  • Supplementing your regular staff year-round (full or part time) for periods of 3 months or longer
  • Providing your current employees with supervising and training opportunities
  • Offering a flexible, affordable short-term solution for recruitment problems

In addition, EXCELS partners are invited to:

The College’s nearly 2,000 undergraduate students specialize in a wide variety of disciplines, including:

• Chemistry • Biochemistry • Biological Sciences • Environmental Science and Policy •

For more information, visit www.chemlife.umd.edu.

If you are interested in helping shape the future of bioscience and biotechnology, become an EXCELS partner by contacting us by phone (301-405-3353) or e-mail (excels@umail.umd.edu).




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